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At DermConsult, we are always transparent about our fees. 

These can always be discussed upfront, prior to any procedure.

Our Consultation Fees:

Initial Consultation: £270

Follow-up Consultation: £200

Our Procedure Fees:

Diagnostic Skin Biopsy: 


Excision (removing a whole lesion) of benign lesion*

£250 (single lesion)

£300 (two lesions)

£350 (three lesions)

*Four lesions and above upon request

Excision (removing a whole lesion) of cancer*


Curettage & Cautery*

£160 (single lesions)

£180 (two lesions)

£200 (three)

*Four lesions and above upon request

Cryotherapy (using liquid nitrogen to treat warts)

£150 (up to 3 lesions)

£290 (4 lesions and above)

Annual Skin Review

£250 (initial consultation – £200 each year thereafter)

Mole Mapping

Initial Skin Review – including mole mapping of the entire body with Fotofinder*


*£300 for annual checks thereafter

Steroid Injection (e.g. for keloids or cysts)


Injection of botolinum toxin (Botox) for excessive sweating underarms


Removal of Skin Tags

£150-£180 depending on the number

These fees reflect consultant fees only. * A pathology fee of £100-£200 will be added to surgical procedures when a lesion is removed from the skin.

Our Clinicj also charges fees that apply to procedures that must be performed in a surgical room. This is independent of Dermconsult fees and is a common practice in the private sector to cover for theatre costs, instruments, stitches, nurse fees etc. These fees can be discussed during your consultation depending on the procedure recommended. 

If you have comprehensive insurance, pathology and clinic fees are usually covered by your insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance in advance as to the level of your cover.

“The level of care and attention I received at Derm Consult was fantastic.”

Mr R. Jones, London

"She is very knowledgeable, kind and caring with amazing surgical skills, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Mr FF, London / Miami

"Dr Taghipour is a wonderful dermatologist, in 3 visits she has transformed my skin and my life."

Mrs O, London
Our fees:

Our fee structure is simple and clear and we work with all major insurers and self-funding patients.

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